Jeremie Brillant, Founder and Director of Photography, is a San Diego native with a body of work that reflects his love for his home, the ocean, and the vibrant qualities he finds in others. Steeped in Los angeles and hailing from Encinitas, he's a Bruin with border town roots. Jeremie expresses his sense of adventure through his art in the ocean and on land by seeking images that push boundaries while capturing the moment.

Jeremie's contagious warmth and good nature shine through in his images. His calm confidence and positive energy put his subjects at ease, qualities that bring out the warm characteristic in his clients and a superior result for their brand.

Jeremie's images have been used in nationally broadcast commercial campaigns and event promotions.

Jeremie is currently working on various TV Pilots with Director Travis Knight, content creation with Chris Laughter , and trying to figure out how to make the world a better place, one soccer ball at a time.