ICELAND and how to do the Ring Road

Iceland is an awesome place, albeit cold, with a landscape that changes quicker than any other place i've ever visited. One minute, you're driving in a black, silty desert of glacial runoff. The next minute, you're in a Lava Field that is covered in 12-inch thick green moss. One minute later, everything is frozen over and snow is flying sideways. Its almost ridiculous how drastic the changes are and how fast they happen. Get out the snacks, jackets, and trippy road-trip music because driving Iceland is a trip!!!

Im just gonna throw down some stuff I think you should know.

Take boots, not shoes. Its cold, wet, and it will rain.

We went counter clockwise from Reykjavik and did the 1,000 or so miles in about 5 days.

The highlight for us was coming out of the tunnel near Hofn and seeing the sun rise light everything up. The eastern Fjords drive is EPIC. There were tons of other highlights, but that was probably our fav.

The wind can rip the door off your van. Gravel can break your windshield. Its probably best to get insurance.

The road after Hofn, into those eastern Fjords is insane and probably one of the best drives I've ever taken.

The Blue Lagoon is worth the $75.

$1 = 114kr

1 gallon Diesel = $6.50

1 beer = $9

1 Gas Station Hot Dog = $4

Water from Rivers = Free